Liu Bei Seizes Xichuan

Illustrated by LiLu

Written/Compiled by Luo Guanzhong

Category Comics,History,English

Paperback | 154 Pages 9789812294968 161024173352


In this sixth volume, you'll witness how little A Dou, son of Liu Bei was taken hostage to force him into giving up Jingzhou. The sardonic Cao Cao has a strange dream, 'tigers' get into a deadlock and Ma Chao's greed manifests itself. Zhuge Jin faces a crisis when his family falls under Sun Quan. Will brother Zhuge Liang intervene? Get into the battle of wits, intense showdowns and protracted campaigns and be enfolded in the deceit, treachery and intricacies of human nature as this well-loved and powerful saga continues ....