Basic Science Of Feng Shui

Illustrated by Asiapac Editorial

Written/Compiled by Vincent Koh

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Paperback | 391 Pages 9789812293541 181019123728


Previously perceived to be an inaccessible subject, the burgeoning interest in authentic Feng Shui over the years has led to an explosion of Feng Shui guides. Every now and then, an authentic classic comes along to illuminate the world of Feng Shui. This book does just that.

Rigorously researched, Basic Science of Feng Shui: A Handbook for Practitioners is no bedtime read for the average Feng Shui fan. It elucidates the theories and applications of authentic Feng Shui. The Flying Star, Substitute Star and Water Theories have also been presented in a concise manner that provides practitioners with a true understanding of the complex formulae and practical application involved.

Though tailored to be an indispensable guide for Feng Shui practitioners, this well-organised and clearly-written book will be an enlightening read for Feng Shui beginners too. Your journey to delve into the science of Feng Shui starts here.

Important concepts covered include the following
* Eight Trigrams
* Eight House Theory
*Flying Star Analysis
*Flying Star Charts ( Age 1 to Age 9)
*Substitute Star Application
*Substitute Star Charts ( Age 1 to Age 9)
* Water Theories
*Feng Shui Audit