Chinese Auspicious Culture

Illustrated by Asiapac Editorial

Written/Compiled by Asiapac Books/Foreign Language Press

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Paperback | 245 Pages 9789812296429 180420184831


CELEBRATE CHINESE CULTURE is an epic series of books about the different facets of Chinese heritage throughout history. China's modernity cannot be fully understood without looking into its glorious past of milestones in scientific inventions, political exploits and artistic distinction. This series will provide the reader with an insight into one of the world's magnificent civilizations.

In this volume, Chinese Auspicious Culture, we examine how Chinese folk customs have evolved over the centuries to become a natural science that includes a combination of multidisciplinary thoughts such as philosophy, geography, zoology, architecture and psychology. All these are elements of Chinese auspicious culture, which has been practised by the Chinese for fortune, prosperity and longevity. In order to survive in a world beset with calamities, the ancient Chinese had developed a variety of taboos and customs that must be observed, and they remain the guidelines for the people today.

Are you familiar with some of these Chinese customs?

* Handing out Lunar New Year money gifts

* Preparing glutinous rice dumplings for a reunion

* Choosing an auspicious date to get married

Asiapac Books and Foreign Languages Press (Beijing) have collaborated to bring you this comprehensive coverage of various facets of the Chinese society so you can appreciate all things Chinese. Come, let's celebrate!