Values for Success Bundle

Illustrated by Ren Changhong

Written/Compiled by Chen Junmin

Category Comics,Self-Improvement,English

Paperback | 672 Pages 016081900000005 180313121415


Our Values of Success Bundle is a series of comic books that children and parents simply love! Be inspired by the stories of humanity's greatest thinkers, leaders, and heroes. An absolute essential for any child's personal development.

Recommended for 8 year olds and above.

The bundle consists of the following titles:
1. Stories of Compassion (ISBN 978-981-229-528-6)
2. Stories of Courage (ISBN 978-981-229-527-9)
3. Stories of Determination (ISBN 978-981-229-583-5)
4. Stories of Excellence (ISBN 978-981-229-530-9)
5. Stories of Intelligence (ISBN 978-981-229-529-3)
6. Stories of Peace (ISBN 978-981-229-428-9)