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Essence of Fruity Goodness Written from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this book provides a friendly approach to health and vitality for the busy individual:
Enjoy the delicious flavour of the five colours!

Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine Contains fundamental concepts and history of TCM practices: 8 Principal Syndromes, including Yin-Yang; 5 Elements, 4 Diagnoses - Observation, Olfaction, Interrogation and Pulse-taking; bodily fluids, vital energy, blood, meridians and collaterals, as well as Chinese mediciness, acupuncture, moxibustion, qigong and more.

Essence of Natural Cures-The Indian Art of Health Therapy. This book features the most widely-used natural therapy systems of Indian origin and presents them in a simple , easy -to-understand format. Covers Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga and homeopathy and naturopathy.

Bundle of 3 contains:

Essence of Fruity Goodness

Essence of traditional chinese medicine

Essence of Natural Cure