The Family

Illustrated by Bozong,yuqing, Qingguo

Written/Compiled by Ba Jin

Category Comics,Self-Improvement,English

Paperback | 148 Pages 9789813029606 171020115453


The Family, on which this pictorial book is based, is the first novel in a trilogy entitled The Torrent by the renowned Chinese novelist Ba Jin. A masterpiece of contemporary Chinese literature , The Family narrates the story of a landlord-capitalist family in the early 1920s. There are many conflicts of ideas and attitudes in this family. They bare the hallmark of an age when old traditions and oppressive feudal authority are strongly challenged. The Family was aimed at condemning the feudal family and social system in China then. It was hoped that the readers would learn to fight for their freedom from a restrictive feudal society. In today's context , it serves to remind readers that indeed, we have come a long way in building a society that gives us freedom from which we derive our happiness. Presented in pictorial form, this book is a comprehensive prelude to the original classic. The essence of the original novel is now enhanced by clear well-drawn illustrations, making this book an interesting and easy read for all who enjoy Chinese literary classics.