Heroes of Singapore Collection

Illustrated by Various

Written/Compiled by Various

Category Comics,Singapore,English

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Learn about Singapore's most important historical figures in our well-loved comic books!

1. Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment (ISBN 978-981-229-702-0)
A soldier who fought for Singapore with true courage, Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi is regarded as one of Singapore's greatest war heroes. Narrated by the son of Lieutenant Adnan's son, Mokhtar, this comic book tells the story of Lieutenant Adnan's life — not only depicting the infamous Battle of Bukit Chandu, but also the events before the critical battle and its repercussions thereafter.

2. Legendary Tales of Singapore (ISBN 978-981-229-398-5)
This book unveils the mysteries of old Singapore, including the stories of the Fort Canning Hill palace, Redhill, Radin Mas, Kusu and Sister Islands, and more!

3. Lim Bo Seng - Singapore's Best Known War Hero (ISBN 978-981-229-398-5)
A true war hero, Lim Bo Seng's resilience and intelligence made him synonymous with the anti-war movement in Singapore during World War II.

4. Stamford Raffles - Founder of Modern Singapore (ISBN 978-981-229-455-5)
An insight into the public and private life of Raffles, a man of vision who changed the world with his thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.