Chinese Eunuchs III Inside Stories of the Chinese Court

Illustrated by Tian Hengyu

Written/Compiled by Wang Yongsheng/ Chi Sheng

Category Comics,History,English

Paperback | 120 Pages 9789813029194 171109113050


Chinese Eunuchs III, the third volume in the highly successful Chinese Eunuchs Series, tells of the next five eunuchs, this time from the Ming to Qing dynasty. Have you ever wondered what the ancient Chinese used as instruments of torture? Liu Jin, a powerful eunuch in the Ming dynasty, encouraged the innovation of torture implements. His tortures were so effective that even innocent people would plead guilty. Another famous eunuch was Wei Zhongxian who managed to conceal his illiteracy and climb up the rank to gain power and influence. He was so scheming and manipulative that he almost managed to put his descendants on the throne. These and other intriguing stories of eunuchs are well -illustrated by Tian Hengyu, a well -known cartoonist in China.