Come To The Party Bundle

Illustrated by Sally Heinrich

Written/Compiled by Suzanne Lauridsen

Category Books,Culture,English

Paperback | 90 Pages 17112312101410 190122164635


An essential series for any child growing up in a multicultural society!

1. Celebrate Chinese Festivals
Join Max and his Chinese friends, Ping, as they celebrate the Lunar New
Year, the Dragon-Boart or Dumpling Festival and more. Find out the significance of various Chinese customs and practices.

2. Celebrate Malay Muslim Festivals
Join Max and his Malay friend, Ahmad, as they celebrate Hari RayaEidil Fitri and observe the sacrifices of Hari Raya Eidil Adha. Discover the layout of the mosque and the significance of the traditional greeting with a salam.

3. Celebrate Indian Hindu Festivals
Join Max and his Indian friend, Rani, as they celebrate the Festival of Lights, Deepavali, and observe the rituals of Thaipusam. Have fun with the Indian musical instruments and the colourful rangoli.