The Garden of Foolish Indulgences

Illustrated by Koh Hong Teng

Written/Compiled by Oh Yong Hwee

Category Comics,Singapore,English

Paperback | 128 Pages 9789811102882 180917200227


In 1915, Han Wai Toon left Hainan Island to seek his fortune in Singapore. Through hard work, self-study and ingenuity, he become a global expert in diverse fields from ceramics, agriculture to Taoist deities. His rambutan orchard was particularly well-known and frequented by Chinese literati then, oddly because the rambutans were cultivated to taste like the lychees in his hometown. Some 90 years later, Ye Feng'an comes to Singapore with his family to seek better prospects for his son. One day, his encounter with a fruit seller sets Feng'an to delve into the world of little-known Han Wai Toon.

[Published by Pause Narratives]