Singapore in the 60s

Illustrated by Syed Ismail

Written/Compiled by James Suresh

Category Books,Singapore,English

Paperback | 217 Pages 978981095342318 181101155108


With his new book, James Suresh - co-creator of the hugely popular Mr Kiasu - is bringing back the 1960s through cartoon drawings and anecdotes.

"A delightful and heart-warming recollection of life in the 60s. It brought back fond memories of my early days as principal of Queenstown Primary School." - Avtar Singh, Ex-Principal of Queenstown Primary School (1964-1983)

"Queenstown is close to my heart. That's where I spendt my teen years and where I met my wife-to-be, Sue. The book is an accurate and amusing walk down memory lane for us." - Brian Richmond, Radio Deejay

"Singapore in the 60s evokes many wonderful and fond memories of the people, places, and practices portrayed in the book." - Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement

[Published by Training Plus]