Children Picture Books

Loving Books X The Cat Museum Charity Bundle

Illustrated by Patrick Yee

Written/Compiled by Bessie Chua & Linda Yan

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Paperback | 32 Pages 18120316334166 190212205238


Readers can purchase our newest children's books as a gift bundle where all sale profits are donated to charity!

Since 2018, we are supporting non-profit organisation The Cat Museum, whose volunteers have been rescuing cats and kittens since 2014. They've found homes for over 350 cats and educated more than 100,000 visitors.

The Loving Books X The Cat Museum Charity Bundle includes our two latest lift-the-flap books:

1. Candy Makes New Friends - 9789812297273

Who is that hiding on top of the tree? Could it be... a squirrel?

Join Candy on her adventures in the outdoors, as she discovers new places, hears new sounds and, most importantly, meets new friends.

Uncover these animals one by one, under each fun flap. Amidst the beautiful illustrations, this will certainly be an entertaining read for the young ones.

2. Candy is a Good Helper - 9789812297266

Candy has three new siblings... and she wants to help!

As you flip through the pages and the flaps, watch how Candy takes care of the little baby kittens: pouring milk for them to drink, giving them a bath, helping them dress up... and more!

How do her brothers enjoy it? You'll have to read on to find out! This picture book will definitely get the kids excited, and even teach them some values they can practise at home.

Alternatively, to donate directly to The Cat Museum, visit