Singapore Bicentennial Book Bundle 1

Illustrated by Various

Written/Compiled by Various

Category Comics,Singapore,English

Paperback | 533 Pages 19020100041131 190417180515


"From Singapore to Singaporean" - As we commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019, we invite readers to explore Singapore's rich history and culture through our bestselling illustrated and comic books!

From Sang Nila Utama to Stamford Raffles, from Temasek to Singapore - these specially selected books contain essential stories and information for readers to gain a complete overview of Singapore's eventful journey through time.

1. Gateway to Singapore Culture (ISBN 9789812297044)
Here in the beautiful Singapore, different races and cultures live in harmony. Find out more about yourself and your friends as you open the Gateway to Singapore Culture - a superb introductory read for locals and visitors alike!

2. Once Upon A Singapore... Traders (ISBN 9789812297327)
Join Aloysius and Grandpa on a zany journey to the past! Just as Aloysius and Grandpa were transported through their book, Once Upon A Singapore… Traders will bring you on a fantastic and colourful ride as you get to meet the traders who are still remembered fondly by generations of Singaporeans today.

3. Stamford Raffles - Founder of Modern Singapore (ISBN 9789812294555)
An insight into the public and private life of Raffles, a man of vision who changed the world with his thinking and entrepreneurial spirit."

4. Legendary Tales of Singapore (ISBN 9789812293985)
This book unveils the mysteries of old Singapore, including the stories of the Fort Canning Hill palace, Redhill, Radin Mas, Kusu and Sister Islands, and more!