Origins of Chinese Food Culture

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Asiapac Editorial

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 151 Pages 9789812293183 180103131142


Origins of Chinese Food Culture is the latest addition to Asiapac's collection of books on Chinese culture. This volume brings you through the origins, history, customs, and fascinating tales behind the intricate and perplexing labyrinth of customs and taboos, and art and science of Chinese food culture.

Did you know that:
* Tables and chairs did not entre common usage until the Southern Song period?
* Female chefs were once the rage in ancient China?
* Zhuge Liang defeated his enemy with mantou?
*Youtiao was also known as " deep-fried ghost"?
*Chopsticks were once reputed to detect poison?

Read about all these and many more other enthralling facts in this info-packed book. With this well -illustrated and easy-to-read volume, understanding Chinese culture has never been easier.