Origins of Chinese Music

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Li Xiaoxiang

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 145 Pages 9789812294753 180105104213


From the early days, musical at instruments in China, were made from everyday items: hunting tools trees, bamboo and even bones. During the Zhou dynasty, there were about 70 instrunments , Today, there are hundreds.

But have you ever wondered how these musical instruments in China came about? Well, in this book, the evolution of Chinese music cover the centuries is examined, from prehistoric times, through the Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties, all the way to modern times.

In addition, the origins and characteristics of specific musical instruments are explored, giving insight in one's understanding of these instruments. Legendary accounts related to historical personalities are also featured, including:
-- How two phoenixes helped Fuxi, the earliest ancestor of the Chinese , add music to the lives of the people.
-- How the musical talents of some individuals were so high they could sense evil elements in a piece of music.
--How Wangzi Qiao became an immortal from playing the sheng.

Indeed , this book holds a treasury of fascinating information and stories pertaining to Chinese musical instruments. This is definitely something any music lover should have in his collection.