Origins of Chinese Names

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Lim SK

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 149 Pages 9789812294623 181017131056


Did you know that if your surname is Ji and Jiang, it would mean that you are actually a descendant of the legendary emperors?

And interestingly, the predecessors who fled from the despotic King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty named themselves after the things that saved them: Li, which stood for the wild fruit muzi, and Lin, the forest which was a hide -out from the king.

Find out more fascinating details about 100 Chinese family names;
* Difference between surnames and clan names.
* Stories related to the most common surnames: Li, Wang, Zhang, Lui, Chen, Yang, Huang and more.
* Naming traditions; names and fortune; manner of addressing.

As the book covers the entire span of recorded Chinese history from the past to the present, you will find it an eye-opener as a reference manual and a delightful source of little-known facts.