Origins of Chinese Opera

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Lim SK

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 152 Pages 9789812295255 180105110143


Chinese opera is one of the world's oldest dramatic forms and a well-loved treasure of Chinese culture. It is a wonderful combination of dance , music, literature, poetry, singing and dialogue, acrobatics and martial arts to create a unique form of acting that includes " singing, speaking, acting and acrobatic fighting."

Find out more fascinating details about Chinese opera:
* Why is the clown mask so colourful?
*Who is the " big painted face"?
* What does it signify when an opera performance stands on the table?

Origin of Chinese Opera is definitely an eye-catching book complete with picture and comics vividly portraying various opera genres popular in China. You will be fascinated by how the art form is able to transform and adapt itself to appeal to the sophisticated audience of our digital era.