Origins of Chinese Tea & Wine

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Asiapac Editorial

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 150 Pages 9789812293695 180104153859


Tea and wine have along history in China. In fact, both have become firmly entrenched in the culture and customs of the Chinese people, featuring prominently in the tradition rites of ancestral worship and social situations.

Discover the origins and varieties of tea and wine , and learn about:
* Famous Chinese teas and wines
* The etiquette and methods for preparing and serving tea and wine.
* The health-giving properties of tea and wine.
* Unique customs practised among the minority peoples in China.
*Interesting facts and ancients stories of the Chinese and in.

Not only will this book entertain and inspire, it will enrich your understanding of the Chinese culture!