Origins of Tibetan Culture

Illustrated by Feng Ge

Written/Compiled by Asiapac Editorial

Category Comics,Culture,English

Paperback | 147 Pages 9789812293145 180420185159


Tibet, a faraway and mysterious land, is located in the mountainous heartland of Asia. Highly inaccessible , little is known about the country and its people , culture and tradition.
To the casual observer, many questions abound. Why are prayer flags found everywhere in Tibet? What is the meaning behind the phrase that is on everyone's lips: " Om mani padre hum" ? What is the beautiful legend associated with the grisly practice of sky burial ? And why is the Dalai Lama so revered?
At first glance, Tibetan rites and rituals appear puzzling and bizarre. However , if you delve , you would find that they are representative of the people's unique culture and beliefs.

Join us on a trip to a land of rich and abcient culture , in a bit to uncover its unique charm and mystique.