Total Victory-Sun Zi's Art of Business
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Illustrated by Wang Xuanming

Written/Compiled by Wang Xuanming

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Sunzi's Art of War ia an enduring military classic that has greatly influenced the world. The principles of strategizing and the secret to winning battles contained in the classic can be applied to state administration as well as business management.

TOTAL VICTORY depicts 100 case studies in business strategies and demonstrates of Sunzi's Art of War to stay ahead in the fast- changing and competitive world.

To succeed, an entrepreneur must " know oneself:, , which means understanding his company and the situation surrounding him, and " know others', which refers to knowing market changes, consumers' psychology and his competitors. Bu using a simple and humorous art form to illustrate the application of " Sunzi's Art of War in the business world, Wang Xuanming has made the military principles practical for all business and co

This new book Total Victory: 100 Strategies from Sunzi depicts 100 battles in businesses and demonstrates how entrepreneurs and business people have employed the principles of Sunzi's Art of War to thrive and stay ahead in the fast-changing and competitive business environment.