Inspiration from Buddha

Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang

Written/Compiled by Lim SK

Category Comics,Classics,English

Paperback | 196 Pages 9789812295118 180122151534


More than 2,000 years ago, a prince in India left his luxurious lifestyle in the palace to find out the truth about existence, In a moment of enlightenment, he found the answer to his spiritual quest. Today, Buddha's followers observe the Noble Eightfold Path of living as the way to end human suffering.

Containing the extensive teachings of the Buddha in a thematic approach, this book also features a comprehensive coverage for devotees and readers alike:

*Life of the Buddha, from birth to enlightenment and influence.
* Timeless precepts in the Buddha's teachings, organised in 10 major themes such as cause and effect, and the Buddhist way of cultivation; shun evil, do good, purify one's mind.
* Inspiration Notes, a place for your quiet reflection.
* Glossary of Sanskrit and Pali words.

Portrayed by acclaimed artist Fu Chunjiang, this illustrated book with an accessible format is both relevant and appealing to readers young and old alike.