Sun Zi's Art of War

Illustrated by Wang Xuanming

Written/Compiled by Wang Xuanming

Category Comics,Classics,English

Paperback | 213 Pages 9789813068995 161215100229


Sun Zi, honoured as "Great Military Sage", was born during the tumultuous Spring and Autumn Period. Rising to the occasion, he devoted himself to fighting in the raging battles - fierce struggles in arms and in blood, pitting his wisdom and military might against his enemy's. Combining the insights he gathered from the battlefield with brilliant strategies, Sun Zi produced the enduring classic The Art of War, which would greatly influence the world.

The Art of War, hailed a top military classic, covers widely the subject of strategizing. Containing extensive knowledge and dealt with in great depth, it is a crystallization of human wisdom, and has the potential to charge the direction the world is heading towards.

Today, we have witnessed how the application of strategizing principles has expanded beyond the battlefield into everyday life, revolutionizing what most have taken for granted in the quest for survival. Its influence is felt not only in state administration, but also in business management, public relations and diplomacy, and even sports. Thus, we can see how flexibly Sun Zi's strategizing principles can be applied, making it a resource for anyone desiring to meet any challenge.