Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs

Illustrated by Xu Liyan & Poh Yih Chwen

Written/Compiled by Chen Wangheng

Category Comics,Self-Improvement,English

Paperback | 174 Pages 9789812294227 180131121554


Wisdom from Chinese Proverbs is a collection of comic strips designed to illustrate wise and witty saying of ancient China. The themes of the comics are selected from a book entitled Zeng Guang Xian Wen, also known as Ancient and Modern Chinese Proverbs, compiled between the Northern Song and Yuan Dynasties.

This book contains a rich collection of proverbs, idioms, maxims, legends, anecdotes, historical facts and well-turned phrases. Among other things, it teaches people to work hard and aim high, to respect the elderly and love one's parents, to foster good friendships and detest evildoers.
* Complete text of the original Chinese classic , with hanyu pinyin and English translation.
* Matching exercise to reinforce understanding.