New Book: My Love Is Blind

Our latest novel is launching next week and we couldn't be more excited! This intriguing novel is unlike any we've come across in Singaporean literature. Part coming-of-age tale, part love story, part autobiography, it's one of those books which touches every reader with its honesty and humour. 

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Excerpt of chapter "Ward 49", from My Love is Blind, a novel by Tan Guan Heng 

Back in Ward 49, May appeared, no longer smiling. "I'll have to pad your eyes." Swiftly his eyes were covered and she was sealing them with plaster. He opened his eyes again. He could see nothing, except white cotton wool.

"You mean you have to pad both eyes?" He had raised his hands instinctively to point to his eye. To his horror, he could not see it.

"Yes, so that they will both be rested. You're CRIB."

"What's that?" Choon Guan was more confused and bewildered.

"It means Complete Rest In Bed. You don't get up. I'll raise your bed, so that you will rest in a semi-reclining position." Choon Guan felt his body being pushed up to an uncomfortable contortion.

Deprived of his sight, he could not sense May's vibrancy and sensuality. Without her provocative smile, she sounded harsher, more strident and threatening. "I can't see how beautiful you are now." His voice choked.

"It's only for a few days," she consoled him.

"Are you sure?"

"Don't worry. You'll be all right," she gripped his arm reassuringly.

He was about to get up when he realised that he was not supposed to. "I want to pass urine," he said, slightly embarrassed.

"You mean PU?" said May. This was the first bit of hospital jargon that he learnt. She returned shortly. "Here's the urinal. Wait while I screen you." He heard her pulling the two screens round his bed. He felt around and undid his trousers. After a while, she asked, "What's the trouble? You can't find the hole?"

"I can't do it lying down. Can I sit up?"

"No. You will get used to it." After some more agonising moments, he was able to relieve himself.

"So it's not that difficult, after all!" May was trying to cheer him up.

"Why don't you try to do it?"

"Don't be funny!"

Choon Guan was surprised he could still joke about his predicament.