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3 Must Have DIY Books For First-Time Homeowners

Whether it’s a basic home repair or a private garage invention, DIY ventures are always exciting. After renovating their HDB flat, most young couples may not have the requisite skills for maintaining their house properly.

One drill and a few screwdrivers are the only thing you need, and anything is possible. If you have your toolbox, but don’t know any minor details, you can turn your upcoming project into an art project as if created by a professional handyman following the directions in a DIIY book.

DIY books give you another perspective into your ventures and make a big difference in your process. Our eleven favourite DIY and house repair books have been collected.

These books together provide an insight into the entire home improvement process: from the concept and effort to better our environment, to a challenge to improve business and contribute to unavoidable dissatisfaction and overall success in a well-done job.

The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual 

by Editors Of Family Handyman

This is the best-selling book for DIY fans. It gives simple guidance and user-friendly assistance. You can perfectly understand the projects and their design purposes, and it’s friendly for both for experts and for beginners.

This manual teaches you everything you need to renovate your home and to update your equipment, materials and technology. What we appreciate is the step-by-step details it provides assuming that a newbie has almost no prior knowledge of construction.

Written in a narrative style that addresses the readers in a highly open, conversational tone to assist with and task quickly and easily. Plumbing and construction codes are revised to indicate the latest in materials, instrumentation and technology have both manuals and materials modified. Suitable for beginners as well as experts.

How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home

By Charlie Wing

How you work in a house is a quick guide full of excellent diagrams and examples illustrating how things work in a house from electrical systems to installing day curtains. This helpful manual can make it understandable if you scratch your head on other home how-to guides. The structure of your textbook enables you to quickly find the section you like.

This book provides a more comprehensive and soulful understanding of the workings of household products compared to the other DIY guides. That’s why it was a wonderful home improvement guide for most homeowners. How your job provides you with the information that can only save you from having to call a specialist, thanks to sectionally-linked sketches showing how things are put assembled and how they work.

Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World

By Mark Frauenfelder

This is an autobiography about a person who seeks and explores his consumerist lifestyle to find a meaning in life. This is more of an inspiring book for beginners and less about technical knowledge needed for tasks such as installing an aircon in your home. This book discusses the method and challenges of development by hand, inspiring you to be inspired and developing your skills. It is great for people who have intermediate level of experience with construction. You can do it quickly and learn to take advantage of the process as part of a greater creative process.

The author also interviews interesting people leading different DIY movements and offers them best tips and unique perspectives and what DIY means to them individually. This section can be inspirational to average people looking to learn more about the motivations of people in the movement.

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