Jokes, Riddles & Proverbs From Asia and the Pacific

Illustrated by Asiapac Editorial

Written/Compiled by Asiapac Editorial

Category Books,Culture,English

Paperback | 157 Pages 9789812296979 180903133737


This is a collection of humorous stories, riddles and proverbs, published under the Asia/Pacific Co-publication Programme( ACP)carried out by the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO( ACCU), with the join efforts of UNESO, member states in Asia and the pacific, and in cooperation with UNESCO.

The 54 stories, 54 riddles and 23 proverbs and illustration have been contributed by 18 countries in the region , so you can get a taste of a variety of interesting and amusing stories from all around the region! Through the tales in this book, you will gain an insight and better appreciation into the cultures of the various countries in Asia Pacific.

This book is the 18th publication of the ACP. All ACP books have been translated into many languages and read by children all over the world.